The Old Man and the Street


Radiator Toys

As promised, here's a picture of the toys that M. found when cleaning behind the radiators.

Can you believe how much crap was in there? I'm especially fond of the Mr. Potato Head parts. And now off to the dumpster with the lot of it.

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Still Smells

Well, the house still reeks from the Swedish Finish, but that's mainly because we haven't had time to go over and air it out properly. M. Got there early after work today, opened up the house and cranked up the attic fan (more on that later), which helped a lot.

We tried a few paint colors in the kitchen/breakfast room and the the powder room. We chose a nice darker blue for the powder room and have decided on a pretty dark red (Some kind of Maple) for the kitchen. Since this side of the house faces West, a dark color should look quite nice.

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